Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, Merry Christmas everybody. yes, all 3 of you. i only had 4 presents under the tree today....but but my parents spent a bunch of money on my computer, as a birthday/Christmas present, so no problems. i had a nice little surprise from pizza hut last night. i was expecting an $80 paycheck, when i was handed a $115 one. nothing crazy, but it cheered me up, considering i spent my christmas eve making pizzas.

Basically all i have been doing with my time off is playing video games, but no different from any other time. i played dead space and beat it. if you are looking for a fun game and you like bioshock and resident evil games, get this. now im currently playing fallout 3, which is amazing, and you never know whats gonna happen in that game. only problem is the random crashing and laggy bugs. but its better than not playing it. it saves often so not much to worry about with the crashes. i also highly recommend. (unless you like sports games...)

i always think before christmas break that im gonna hang out with my friends so much. and it never happens. lol. i always sit here and do nothing for 2 weeks. so my plan is to hang out with friends as much as possible, before i head back to school. and i suggest you do too. and ben, if you dont feel like crap, you try too. haha.

so the monitor i posted a picture in my last post, was a $310 24" lcd monitor. well i found a 28" widescreen for $350. so now im definately getting it, thanks to my aunts, uncles, and grandparents. (no thanks to car insurance and gas) i just cant wait.

merry christmas

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